It gets busy during the days of the Flower Parade, so we recommend you leave early.

We advise the following options to park in the Westland area.
*Near the police station at Vierschaar in Naaldwijk you can park you car. It’s a short walk to the waterside
* In ‘s Gravenzande you can park at Baakwoning/Poelkade.
* In Kwintsheul you can park a long the Hollewataring and
* In Poeldijk you can park at Van der Ende Racing along the Nieuwe weg


There are a couple of parking lots available in the Westland. You can park your car on the parking lot of the police station, Vierschaar Naaldwijk. There are spaces in ‘s Gravenzande at the Baakwoning/Poelkade. If you want to visit the Varend Corso in Kwinsheul, you can park belong the Hollewatering. Or at Van der Ende Racing in Poeldijk.


Parking in Delft is clearly indicated, mostly parking garages. The closest  parking garages are: Zuidpoort and Marktgarage.

The following locations are best to travel to and get closest to the parade:


Friday/Saturday location Honselersdijk Trade Park

Rijswijk CS & bus 30 (to Naaldwijk busstation or FloraHolland)

Saturday: Naaldwijk Dreespark
Schiedam CS & bus 39 (to Naaldwijk busstation)

Sunday location restaurant Bonte Haas Wateringen
Tram 17/16 from Den Haag CS/HS (of Rijswijk CS) – then a 15 min walk


Sunday 6 August: Delft CS (14.00 uur)

The Flower Parade is only a few minutes’ walk from Delft Central Station.