Sailing Corso Westland has many different types of participants: companies, growers’ associations, villages, hamlets, municipalities and youth. These participants sail in a category of their choice. Within the parade we can distinguish the following categories:

Parade boats

Parade boats sail under a title that falls within the theme, whereby little more of the boat is visible due to decor and product. These boats are mostly Platte Westlanders, traditionally the means of transport with which the horticultural products were brought to the auction.

Sailing westlanders

Sailing Westlanders are chic and stately boats where the careful arrangement of flowers, plants and vegetables clearly shows the boat in its characteristic value.

Blooming Battle

MBO students sail on behalf of their vocational school and compete for the honor with the most beautiful arrangement. The students are given a flatboat and as part of their study are given the assignment to make a boat worthy of a parade.

Youth parade

The youngest participants can compete with each other within the youth parade. Several tugs, each with three boats behind them, are a special part of the parade, where the youngest youth can express their creativity.

Of course there is a lot to consider before the parade boat is ready. The arrangement of flowers, plants and vegetables has to be designed and made and in some cases extras are also needed. With the extensive network of Varend Corso Westland, together with the artistic coordinator, we always succeed in creating a unique boat.

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