About the parade

Flower Parade Westland

The Westland Flower Parade is an annual event featuring all that Westland has to offer. Hundreds of boats, beautifully decorated with locally grown flowers, plants and vegetables sail through the region over three full days. Each day the parade covers a different area of Westland, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy this unique event. Attracting hundreds of thousands spectators each year, the Westland Flower Parade has become a must-see event.

The Westland Flower Parade aims to showcase Het Westland as the agricultural capital of the world, and raise awareness for the quality and variety of both beautiful and healthy products that are grown in our many greenhouses.


Sailing Corso Westland has many different types of participants: companies, growers’ associations, villages, hamlets and municipalities and youth.


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Photos and videos

An overview of the parade through the years.